Jackbox Games is best known for its rapidly expanding catalog of critically acclaimed party games including Quiplash, Drawful, Fibbage, You Don’t Know Jack and The Jackbox Party Packs (1-7).

We make party games where players interact with a game being displayed on a big screen using their phones or tablets as controllers. While our games are often played at home in small groups of 2-8 people, we also support large-scale games at events or via Twitch streaming where thousands of users can connect and interact.

We’re a small group (around 45 people) of very talented, funny, and creative individuals looking for a Producer to join our Chicago-based team.

Check out our website for more info about who we are and what we make: jackboxgames.com.

What’s the Job?

A Producer is a member of the production team and works closely with the game’s director to ensure that the project progresses, adjusts as necessary, meets its milestones and other deadlines, and ultimately delivers a game everyone is proud of. While the director and design team are responsible for defining a vision for the game, the producer on a project is responsible for facilitating the process to achieve that vision.

As a producer, you will work on many different projects, but an initial focus for this specific position will be bringing our games to new audiences via localization and cultural translation.


  • Plan milestones. Producers work with the design team (and leadership team if necessary) to understand how to best focus production for a period of time to get the product to the next reviewable state. Milestones should be clearly defined, specific, achievable, and reviewable.
  • Run meetings. The Producer moderates production team meetings, including agile rituals such as sprint planning, reviews, retrospectives, etc. They set an agenda, keep conversations on track, defer side conversations to breakout meetings and schedule those meetings to make sure they happen.
  • Manage sprints. Producers work with the team to keep the project backlog organized and make sure it accurately reflects the goals of the project. Similarly, producers ensure that tasks and user stories are correctly assigned, properly written, and accurately represent the status of the team. Producers coordinate the team-wide effort to fulfill the sprint’s “definition of done.”
  • Facilitate communication. As someone who understands the director and design team’s vision and the constraints of the project, the producer is often the point person for questions from QA, the leadership team, or other departments. The Producer should do their best to ensure that no one feels out of the loop by keeping everyone informed of decisions.
  • Make information transparent. Sure, a producer can go around having a million conversations, but it’s much more effective to document decisions and make that information available to those who need it through well-understood channels. People should know where to look for information without having to ask where to look and that information should be kept up-to-date. Documentation should be consistent and predictable.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and improve process. Probably the most useful skill a producer can have is the ability to identify and solve problems. Producers know the needs of their team best and adjust as necessary. They are constantly on the lookout for inefficiencies or ways to improve our processes. Ideally, good ideas will bubble to the surface and make their way to other teams or become canonized in studio-wide production processes. Process improvement is more than just saying, “we should…” It’s everything that follows as well: documentation, consensus, communication, buy-in, and action.

Ideal Candidates...

  • Have at least 2 years of professional experience working on an Agile/Scrum team
  • Be organized and process-oriented. Producers should be organized -- for sure -- but you should also inspire (and sometimes require) others on the team to be organized and fully participate in the process. Producers must be able to help the team experience the value of the production process and want to participate in it.
  • Be a mindful and effective communicator. Being a “good communicator” is vital. You should also be mindful of how your tone or comments can affect team dynamics and know that getting the best out of a team isn’t necessarily telling them what to do. You should understand the concept of being a “servant-leader” and be skilled at facilitating communication.
  • Have experience with a task management/defect tracking tool. We use JIRA, but experience with any tool is fine.

And it would be nice if you also had…

  • Experience working in the game industry
  • Great party game ideas
  • A passion for localizing games and bringing them to new audiences.
  • Proficiency in a second language

We only hire clever, kind and creative people who are willing to work hard. Jackbox Games is a group effort and you must work collaboratively. Everyone here shares a commitment to excellence and a desire to work in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

Jackbox Games is committed to providing employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, or disability.


  • I'm not sure if I'm qualified. Should I apply?
    We would much rather read your application than miss out on a great candidate, so please err on the side of applying. If you are passionate about games, give it a shot! Worse thing that happens is you don't get the job, but we promise you're not wasting our time.
  • What if I’m too qualified and have extensive work experience?
    You should still apply. We are looking for the best candidates and we will adjust responsibilities (and compensation) to match your experience.
  • Do I need to live in or relocate to the Chicago area for this position?
    Short answer: yes. Long answer: We are all working remotely due to COVID-19 at the moment, so there’s not a rush, but the expectation is that eventually you will work out of our Chicago office.

Are there any perks?

  • Competitive pay and benefits. 401(k) with matching. And we pay 100% of the cost of premiums for medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance for our employees. We also cover a really nice chunk of the cost of premiums for partner/dependent medical, dental and vision insurance. Paid parental leave.
  • Casual dress and a flexible schedule. Come in a sweatshirt, jeans, whatever, like everyone else here.
  • Creative work environment. We are lucky to work in a place that is full of talented and innovative folks. Although most hours the place is pretty quiet (we’re a focused bunch), this is punctuated with hilarious outbursts and general merriment, which makes a nice way to spend the day.
  • Easy transportation. We’re very close to the “L” and the Halsted (#8) bus (right by the Apple Store and Mega Whole Foods if that’s your kind of thing), and we have a transit and parking FSA that allows you to dedicate pre-tax dollars to public transportation and parking expenses.
  • Free food. Every week, we stock our kitchen with free snacks.


Great, we look forward to reading your application. Make sure you include:

  • Your resume.
  • A cover letter. You don't need to be a professional writer for this job (we have those) but communication is important so we weigh cover letters heavily. You can (and should) write more, but we won’t evaluate applicants that don’t at least answer these two questions:
    • Why are you interested in working at Jackbox Games?
    • What is your favorite game and why? There's no right answer and liking games isn’t required for the job. We mostly just want to know if you've read this far

We know it is a time commitment to prepare an application and we respect that effort by thoughtfully reviewing every complete application and responding one way or the other. But that kind of thoughtful review means that it sometimes takes us a while to get back to applicants, so please be patient with us and no phone calls.

Thanks for your interest in Jackbox Games!