Jackbox Games is best known for its rapidly expanding catalog of critically acclaimed party games including Quiplash, Drawful, Fibbage, The Jackbox Party Pack, The Jackbox Party Pack 2, The Jackbox Party Pack 3, and the recently released (and unsurprisingly named) The Jackbox Party Pack 4. As Jackbox Games moves into the last 85% of this century, we hope to build on our successful business by pushing the boundaries of party games with new technology, new game concepts, and new forms of interactivity. We also hope the sandwich shop doesn’t put those weird pickles on our sandwich next time.

We make party games where players interact with a game being displayed on a big screen using their phones or tablets as controllers. While our games are often played at home in small groups of 2-8 people, we also support large-scale games at conferences or via Twitch streaming where thousands of users can connect and interact.

We’re a small group (~25 people) of very talented, funny, supportive and creative individuals and we are looking for a Summer Software Engineering Intern for 2018.

Check out our website for more info about who we are and the type of games we make. www.jackboxgames.com.

The Job

We will be working on several games this summer and are looking for a software engineering intern with strong programming skills to help get our games to market.

You will learn a lot about the production process at an indie game development studio as well as the process for releasing console games on Mac/PC, major consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, and smaller consoles like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

As an intern, it is expected that you will contribute to the development of actual games that will reach the actual market and be played by actual people. You will join the engineering team for meetings, receive tasks, complete those tasks, get more tasks, do those too, repeat.

This is not a game design internship. We will not consider applicants who don't have solid programming skills.


Applicants should be either rising seniors or recently graduated from a software engineering or computer science program. We also accept applicants who have recently graduated from accelerated development programs.

Since this is an internship, we aren't expecting specific programming skills, but we are looking for people who have programmed something that we can look at. For example, if you are applying to this internship, you should be able to show us one of the following:

  • A game that you made by yourself or as the lead programmer on a team
  • A web application that you worked on in a significant technical capacity
  • I don't know, a robot you created, maybe?

We also expect you to have a good working knowledge of

  • Software engineering techniques
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Version control systems like git

It would be nice if you also were familiar with

  • Flash and Actionscript 3
  • C/C++
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, Route53, etc.)

Finally, we’re looking for someone who is comfortable being part of a supportive and casual, but hard-working team and is willing to ride the roller coaster that comes along with video game development.

Nuts and Bolts

This is a full-time (40 hours/week) paid internship that lasts from Early June to Late August. We are flexible as far as the schedule is concerned, but the position will be 10-12 weeks long. Pay will be based on experience and fit (between $12-16/hour.) Interns will be working on-site in our Chicago office. We will not consider remote employees for this position.

With this position you will have access to all of our office facilities including the game room, kitchen (stocked with food, especially in the first 3-6 minutes after the weekly delivery), and our luxurious bathroom complete with toilet AND sink.

How to Apply

Apply via our jobs portal (https://jackbox-games.breezy.h...) and make sure to include both a resume and cover letter.

If you don't include a resume and a cover letter, you won't be considered for the position.

Besides, the cover letter is a great opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you like outside of programming computers? Why would you be a good fit at Jackbox Games? What is your high score on Q*Bert?

Please also include any relevant links to github, bitbucket, stackoverflow or personal project websites.